About Us

The Call 

"God has called me to teach and train the present generation of prophetic company who will be sold out for Him. Some of these people will be called by God into the full time ministry, while many will remain as prophetic ambassadors in the community, releasing the Word of the Lord to the people."

"The Church was birthed forth in prophecy and must carry a prophetic spirit in her message and mission to the lost. I have been called to trumpet the last call to the Church before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Rev. Dr. Steven Francis
Founder and Principal
The King's College of Prophets

The Apostolic & Prophetic Mission and Vision

The King's College of Prophets is strategically positioned in this end-time harvest to empower and transform every ordinary believing men and women in their values, attitudes and ministry towards Christ-likeness. In the training process, we do not merely impart the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit but aspire to build and expand the character of Christ in the life of each student-trainee. This is to prepare the trainees to become worthy vessels that are able to carry the highly prized prophetic anointing of the Holy Spirit. 

Our mission of training prophetic warriors for Christ Jesus is to enable these ministers to hear clearly what the Holy Spirit is saying to the churches, and in turn they will be able to carry these messages and teaching to their own generation. It is the vision of the college that every trainee will receive a sound understanding of the Word by qualified ministers as the basic foundation. This training experience in the King's College of Prophets will be a new spiritual milestone for all the trainees as everyone will be elevated to a new level of spiritual sensitivity to discern the voice of God and receive direct revelation from Him. We are in the forefront of restoring the powerful prophetic and apostolic gifts to the trainees and fulfilling the end-time purpose of God in their lives to impact their families, churches, and communities and be sent to the nations of the world.

Respond to God's call today!


Our Values 

The King's College of Prophets provides Word-based training by qualified ministers with proven ministries. These ministers have established ministries and have trained thousands around the world. They are ministry practitioners with an anointing to build the Church for Jesus.

➀  Competency

in the knowledge of God’s word and the subjects pertaining to the various disciplines of ministry.

➁  Integrity

in their personal walk with God and their conduct of ministry.

➂  Accountability

to the Lord, to the Church, and to fellow ministers by abiding and operating within the limits of the Word, the will of God, and the ethical frameworks for the prophetic ministry.

We aim to train warriors of Jesus for these end times who will hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches and become overcomers!

Learning Method

By using the interacting and integrative learning method, students can learn from one another and integrate the revelations and validated experiences of others in the growth process.



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