Our call is to raise up sons and daughters who will become worshipping disciples to give glory to God.

  • Intimacy

    - To seek His face

    Intimacy is learning to be open and truthful in that secret place with the person who we desire to have a deep relationship with - God Almighty.

  • Warfare

    - to heed His command

    We need to hear the voice and the Commander to know the schemes of the enemy and to fight against it through worship

  • Obedience

    - to build His house

    If we want God to manifest His awesome presence, we must obey by doing what God desires - to build Him a house where his glory dwells

  • Voice

    - to speak His truth

    We need to be trained by going through the refining fire of God to be His mouthpiece for truth, as it requires purity and humility

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